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Here are some answers to common questions we receive. If you need more info, feel free to email

Common Questions and Answers

Where do we park for the event?

Public parking is available throughout downtown Mobile. The closest public parking lot is located one block from the event site at 250 Government St, Mobile, AL 36602. 

Where are the restrooms?

Several portables will be stationed on northeast corner of Cathedral Square, directly across the street from the B-pit. The address is: 300 Conti St, Mobile, AL 36602. Please be respectful of merchants and restaurants and respect their "Customers-Only" policy for restrooms. 

Where can we get water?

Water jugs will be stationed throughout the event site. Please take advantage of these and stay hydrated! 

Where do we stay?

There are several hotels located within blocks of the event site. Our first choice would be the Hampton Inn on Royal Street.  Other great options include the Renaissance Battle House Hotel, Renaissance Mobile Riverview Plaza Hotel, The Holiday Inn, The Admiral, and several others.

Where can we warm up?

Cathedral Square, on the edge of the event site is a good spot to do some strides. It's located at 300 Conti St, Mobile, AL 36602. If you need more space, venture two blocks beyond the A-pit to Bienville Square, located at 150 Dauphin St, Mobile, AL 36607.

Can we set up a tent on the sidewalk?

I'm glad you asked because the answer is NO. Please do not set up any tents or chairs on the sidewalks. The City of Mobile and Emergency Services need sidewalks to be open and clear to allow for foot traffic to move through the event. Also, a big tent can block the view of other spectators. 

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